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Plum Wine ~~ Takara  $5.00 (glass) $17.00 (bottle)

Sake ~~ Hakutsuru $6.00 (vessel)

we offer a variety of cold sake


Sutter Home

Stone Cellar

Cabernet Sauvignon

White Zinfandel




(glass)      (bottle)

$5.00       $17.00

Pinot Grigio


Pinot Noir  



(glass)      (bottle)

$7.00       $25.00

#1 Son ~~ Descendent of happy hour.     $5.25

Pina Colada ~~ For sweet people!     $5.75

Mai Tai ~~ Flavored by tropical fruits!     $5.75

Imperial Sour ~~ A scotch drink that leaves no sour taste.     $5.25

Peking Sour ~~ Bourbon streaks to the tropics!     $5.25

Strawberry Daiquiri ~~ Yes, let's go fruity!     $5.75

Scorpion ~~ Adding stings with spirits.     $5.75

Devil's Tail ~~ Brings the devil out of you from Russia with love.     $5.25

Blue Dragon ~~ A gin drink that chases your blues away.     $5.75

Flaming Dragon Bowl ~~ Comes with fire, share the drink with a warm feeling.     $7.75


Oriental and House Wines

Red and White Wines

Exotic cocktails


We have exotic cocktails and wine which will pair perfectly with our fresh, hot cuisine.

Our full menu

Try a Peking Sour or a glass of our house wine!

A mixed drink


Bud Weiser, Bud Light, Coors Light & Blue Moon     $3.50

Tsingtao & Kirin Ichiban     $3.95

Sapporo   $6.50

We also have local beers on tap


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Pink Lemonade     $2.25

Sirley Temple, Roy Rogers (no refill)     $2.25

Ice Tea, Aarnold Palmer, Coffee     $2.25

Milk, Orange Juice (no refill)     $2.25

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